Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hordes Beginnings

Only because I love it when I quote my friend Rucht, and it bugs him ever so slightly, I'm going to quote from his opening the other day with his awesome Warmachine post.

"Well, the other night we had an unprecedented event. [Hordes] has caught so much fire [around] here that we had six people over for [Hordes], meaning we were able to host three one-on-one matches. Three matches, lined up on a big table, all going at once - it was like we were at a tournament."

At this point I need to point out that Rucht and his buddies were actually playing the game with large, gully painted armies, and they knew the rules.  What we did was on a much more tentative scale.  Sure, we had six players throwing down at once but we were using partially painted figs (at best) and learning the rules as we went along. 

This is what got me looking at the Privateer Press arena once more, the integration of both systems; Hordes and Warmachine.  The concept is cool, each is a game in its own right, but each is completely compatible with the other while remaining distinctive to one another.  Here we see Andy's Warjacks clash full on with Jeff's Warbeasts.

My headless, amputee Warlock carelessly ventures too close to Mike's Argus.  My "charge in head first swinging" mindset is going to need a little bit of refining.  I also need to remember that my models aren't the only ones with tricks up their sleeves.
Speaking of Madrak was squaring off with a fairly low-threatening Argus (relatively speaking) Mike used a spell to teleport his heavy Warpwolf *behind* my Warlock, surrounding him!
Here's the view from the far right side of the table, you can see my Warlock about to get a sound thrashing atop the ruins.  With its two clawed hands the Warpwolf just kept picking up my guy and throwing him all over the battlefield, then my downed model would get charged with other beasts.  I was able to shunt some of my damage off to my beasts, but it was taking its toll and I was about dead by the time it was all said and done.  Of course I forgot to make any of my 'toughness' rolls the entire game, but that's just part of the learning curve.

In the middle of the table Miller and Taylor were duking it out; Miller with his partially painted Circle and Taylor borrowing a Legion starter.  They wrapped up their first game rather quickly then began a second game, that time using the units that also came in the battle box.  

Girl-on-girl action ended tragically for Kaya Windborn.  Out of fury points to use she succumbed to the withering arrows of the Everblight Legion's blighted Nyss Warlock.  
All in all it was a great night.  We had a huge turnout of folks, which is very exciting as it means this endeavor has a lot of interest, which in turn means it will be seeing heavy rotation.  Not to mention that it's good to just get some figs on the table finally and rolling some dice.  Hopefully the next time you see my Trollbloods out there they will have some paint!  Until then, enjoy!


  1. Looks good! Hope to see the armies grow and get painted! Looks like Hordes is dominant in the factions down there? Did you find the rules coming back to you or was it like totally starting over again?

    1. It's fair to say that Hordes is the 90% dominant game in these parts. I would also say it was like starting over from scratch, absolutely nothing was familiar!

    2. I can't recommend the battlebox games enough. They're great for learning the core mechanics of the game without getting distracted by the rules for all the infantry and solos. I have been impressed by how well balanced the starter boxes are with one another, though as I recall the trolls one suffers a bit for being the only one without a heavy warbeast in it.

      Don't feel like you need to increase the size of your games beyond the battlebox or 2-player starter level. You can get a lot more games in at that point level in the same amount of time, and if it gets too repetitive you can switch out your warlock/warcaster and the list may play completely differently.

  2. Nice AAR, Have a Merry Christmas mate and a Happy New Year to you to!