Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday Art Leftovers: Aliens and Holidays

Necessity being the mother of invention I give you an impromptu new feature, the Tuesday Art Leftovers.  As you may have surmised already, the awesome Monday Night Miller feature isn't exactly every Monday night.  To make up for this I have delved deep into the archives to bring you some art "leftovers".

Unlike Squire Miller I do not have formal schooling in the graphic arts, I hope his weekly feature returns with regularity...and soon!  Without him you're stuck with me.  

Way back when, late nineties, I posted a bunch of stuff online at the Elfwood art galleries.  Great fun and gave me that posting/blogging itch way before such a thing was fully in my domain.  All the stuff you'll see here is saved material from that.  Old stuff, twelve years plus, unpolished, but still fun.  Enjoy!

Our first one, up top here, is an alien gun fighter chica I made up to act as part of a tramp freighter crew composed of various species.  More Firefly in nature than, say, Star Wars.  I like a lot of things about her, the green lips and eyes, her belt buckle, the cartoon style.  She was your typical 'bad attitude' shoot first-ask questions later member of the crew.  Plus she's a hot armadillo/reptile sort of gal.

Next up is an image I did for our family's holiday cards one year.  Of course my 'family' back then was just my wife and I, but we mailed out a ton of cards during the holidays, I think our mailing list was pushing a hundred folks.  It was fun and I made up the art for the mailings.  Here we have a mechanic elf in his garage.  Things I like about this one are all the bits of junk laying around, his blonde mullet, and the effect on the tree itself.  Kind of apropos given the date of this post I thought!

Rounding out this trio of art leftovers is one of my favorites.  It kind of needs no explanation, it's aliens...with guns.  Nice and simple.  We have your heavy weapons guy, a sort of beefy dino-reptile guy, you've got a terrapin-type alien, I'm thinking science/tech guy, and finally is the commando/leader type, umm, a multi-limbed walrus/dog.  I like a lot of the colors in here too.

That's it, the first (and hopefully not too frequent) installment of the Tuesday Art Leftovers; a backup plan to any missed Monday Night Millers.  Until next time!


  1. Multi-limbed walrus dog FTW! Great stuff Mik!

    1. And he gets to wear the beret! Thanks SJ!

  2. Nice tribute to Vasquez on the SPace Raptor's Heavy MG.
    Is the Armadillo/Reptile chica Octurian?

    1. Thanks Task8, obvious Aliens was a big influence, with a twist. The armadillo/reptile chick is definitely NOT Octurian, it definitely DOES matter with her!

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! I had fun doing that one in particular, totally forgot I wrote that on the gun, haha.