Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tuesday Art Leftovers: Loincloths and Greyscales

It's a bit worrisome that I'm posting a "backup" art post two weeks in a row!  Well, on with it!  First up is an idea I had for a superhero campaign, given the age it was probably Champions 2nd edition.  It was a take on the "toy master" villain, but instead of having a horde of evil toys he had one, kind of like a powerful sidekick.  This pint-sized grim reaper-type is the result.  Flames added for hot rod coolness.

This next one really is a leftover and it's only for posterity that I include it here.  I figure if I'm going to to include them, I'll include them all since I bothered to scan this one a dozen years or so ago anyway.  So, he's a swordsman, no big deal.  I was trying something new and he was done mostly in just focused ink washes.

Finally we have one of those pieces you draw because of inspiration directly from a gaming session.  In our very longstanding Forgotten Realms campaign we came upon a portal we had to navigate but it was at the bottom of the ocean.  We acquired a bunch of water-breathing potions, poured 'em into tankards, had a toast, and were off.  In the back you've got three different Elves (Sun, Wood, and Moon in that order) and up front was a barbarian Halfling and a Gold Dwarf (sans loincloth).


  1. Humble beginnings of an artist. Nice. Btw, Mik. Is it just me or did you change the format of your blog? It's...weird.

    1. I did change it up, but apparently the template I made it with was so old it wasn't available any more? I couldn't change it back! Weird in a bad way, or just different? I'm open to suggestions.