Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thor's Day Hero: Invader Zim

Looking at the calendar of upcoming events what do we have? Christmas and Kwanzaa around the corner, just finished up Chanukah, New Year's Eve on the horizon...what am I missing? Oh right, the end of the world tomorrow, or as I like to call it, the longest three-day weekend ever.

To give you guys an idea of the behind-the-scenes here at Mik's Minis, I queue up these posts for a while. A long while. LEGO Thursdays were written well in advance too, and Thor's Day Heroes is no exception. Time travel back ten months, to where I am right now, err, then. I'm sitting on the couch typing with post-Super Bowl analysis on in the background, since the Giants won gloriously last night. You know, last night ten months ago or so.

Maybe the end of the world was averted by daring oil-rig jockies riding stealth space shuttles. Maybe an alien armada was spotted at the edge of our solar system. Maybe the Mayan Overlords came back for their stolen gold. I don't know and as I type this I only care about one thing for today.

Invader Zim.

He fits the bill for Thor's Day Heroes and is solidly inducted into its ranks without question. If the end of the world is tomorrow, you can bet Invader Zim had something to do with it, taking out his obvious alien supremacy on us puny humans! Rock on Zim and welcome aboard, you can even bring along your buddy GIR.


  1. Wow, you get your posts made way in advanced. I usually have mine written a week at the most. Zim is a great choice for thors day. The animated series broke many boundaries for a kids show that you havent seen since Ren & Stimpy.

    1. Sometimes inspiration strikes and I crank out a dozen or two in a row. I'm also particular about not double posting on the same day or whatever and that naturally spaces things out.

      I was very happy when Zim came on the scene, I've got the Dvds but it's also now on Netflix too so there's no reason not for people to see it!