Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thor's Day Hero: Hellboy

When Hellboy first hit the scene I knew I had something special in the issue I held in my hands. Mike Mignola's artwork and overall style are simply fantastic to say the least. Couple that with an amazing story concept, wow, you've got a winner.

Mixing Lovecraft mythos, sci-fi goodness, weird war II elements, four color fisticuffs, and a good guy ultimate anti-hero Hellboy and his Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense never disappoint. He routinely sands down his devil horns, has a literal right hand of doom made from impervious stone, and wields a pistol that deserves its own link. From the smallest of Sprites to the largest tentacled masses from beyond the stars, Hellboy and his team tackle everything head-on with 'leap first, look later' bravado. Welcome aboard the Thor's Day Heroes Hellboy.


  1. I like the new look to the site buddy. Definitely an interesting character ...

    1. I got the inspiration for the new digs from your blog. As for Hellboy, he's the ultimate Weird War II hero, great comics if you haven't checked 'em out. The movies weren't bad, but the comics are amazing.

  2. Nice look to the blog, I have never read the comics, But the Hellboy movies are some of my favourites