Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Tuesday Art Leftovers: Grown-Up Goonies, Aliens, and Landscapes

First post of 2013, and it's more art leftovers.  This time going way back with this first drawing scanned out of a sketchbook from my senior year of high school.  Ahem, high school twenty plus years ago!  So my idea was to take a character from the something like the movie Goonies, grow them up a little, and put them on the path of paranormal investigations and supernatural conflict resolution.  Looking back my idea was pretty much X-Files meets Supernatural.  And yeah, I guess I could've been mega-rich right now if I had pursued it!  As it stands I have this one sketch, haha.
This one is easy to date because "1997" is right in the corner!  So the thought here is to have a couple of "cosmic level" superheroes.  On the left is an amorphous, sentient potato-in-a-jar.  He has a wide array of mechanical and robot bodies he can control once plugged in, including a starship.  His buddy is another alien who was average for his race until the super-space jewel-symbiote thing attached itself to his chest giving him the power of a hundred black holes or what-not.  To paraphrase that 'superhero plot' generator from a couple of years ago:
"One is a sentient potato with an army of mecha at his disposal.  The other is a noble defender with the power of a hundred black holes at his command.  Together they...fight interstellar crime!"
Closing we have an alien suburban townscape.  That's it, a cozy little street, a few plants by the walkway, and a sprawling metropolis in the distance.  This was one of those "just because" drawings, no plans or backstory.  That's it for now, as always enjoy!


  1. I see you found a folder of drawings huh ? Good stuff my friend

  2. Cool drawings dude, I keep finding weird stickman battles in old books i had from a kid lol

  3. I really like the 1997 drawing and the suburban one. I see a lot of talent (also looking at your previous art leftover posts). Keep up the good drawing/painting work! :-)

  4. "The power of a hundred black holes or what-not" is the best superhero concept I have ever heard. Also it would make a pretty great album title.