Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thor's Day Hero: FBI Special Agent Dana Scully

We don't really think of the X-Files television show nowadays, I don't anyway, but it did kind of open a lot of doors to a lot of the shows around today, just like the shows Twilight Zone and Kolchak kind of paved the way for the X-Files. But when the X-Files was in its prime, man, it was hard to beat. Also hard to beat was Agent Scully, the incredibly skeptical and incredibly hot FBI 'straight man' to her partner, the rogue Fox "I believe in aliens" Mulder.

She was tough, she was smart, and she didn't take any guff. She was also a medical doctor and decided to trade in her surgeon's mask in order to go on adventures with an FBI badge and a gun. A lot of these adventures were 'monsters of the week' but some were longer lasting alien twists, of course all of it was wrapped in government conspiracy. As I type this it will be an entire year before Scully's official debut of which you're reading right now, so until then, err, now, welcome aboard the Thor's Day Heroes Agent Scully!


  1. She was very hot, thinking man's crumpet!

    1. "Thinking man's crumpet", I like that!