Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday Art Leftovers: 'Bots and Scots

My opening piece for today's art leftovers is a fave of mine, not because so much of what it is but where it was.  Back before Christian's Destination Unknown, really before blogging in general, and way before his Loviatar 'zine he wrote Scrollworks Press.  Well this robot graced one of the covers of that indie gaming magazine a long, long time ago.  It was really cool to get it in the mail, see my art on the cover, and know that a lot of other people were seeing my art as well.  There's another Scrollworks piece floating around in the archives, I just don't know when it'll pop up.

I think I plug those ill-fated and little known LEGO wargaming rules of mine a little too much to be honest, but this next piece was a test from that.  We didn't know if we were going to use stat cards or what, but the idea here was to have a closeup, profile shot of the character on the card.  This was a "warpainted" Islander head atop some scale-mail. 

There's not much to say on this one.  It's supposed to be a Scottish Terrier.  Get it?  Scottish.  Terrier.  Ahem, moving on...

Last but not least is basically a doodle taken directly from a note page.  Also it's apparent that I can't seem to divide four into nine hundred without writing it down.  So basically you've got a fantasy version of Star Wars mixed even more so with the wild west.  The Texas Rangers/Jedi of the setting were monastic knights who had these "magic" swords made of a rare crystal.  Maybe it's a crystalline entity.  I don't know, the idea never got past the "crystal sworded knights" idea.  Looking at the pic I may have been thinking "ruby" not crystal.  I really don't know, you know how it is; you think of an idea, you jot it down, file it away. 

Until next time!

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