Thursday, March 14, 2013

Some More Art Leftovers: Eastern Flavors

Well obviously it's not Tuesday, so these art leftovers will have to share a spot with today's Thor's Day Hero, lest I intrude upon Rucht's Friday slot!  Since he's still hitting the gamer books hardcore, I'll leave him to his own.

Eastern flavors abound this issue, coincidentally I might add.  Way back in the day...we were playing a lot of Legends of the Five Rings.  Man, what a great game; excellent system, amazing genre, great history, all kinds of good stuff.  Black magic was prevalent, and something you did not want to mess with.  The above pic is of two of us meddling PCs, obviously messing with the very thing they shoudn't.  To quote Primus, "...and in doing so, each gave just a little bit of their souls away."

The next one, as the joke goes, was inspired by my lovely wife.  Yes, this limbless, grotesque, demon-hag of an Oni was all because of the woman I married and chose to spend the rest of my life with.  See, she had a weird dream once, and woke up and hastily drew a very weird image of the "thing" from her dream.  This was the best translation I could come up with.  How'd you think she inspired me?

Next up is a pair of seafood flavored nun-chuks.  To those that are offended by those who can't spell these martial art beat sticks, I apologize.  Anyway, they belonged to a monk from a Forgotten Realms campaign, he worshiped one of the sea gods, whose name completely escapes me. 

And finally we have a Naga from Five Rings, or just about any eastern fantasy setting.  I wanted my Naga a little less snake-man and a little more man-snake.  Hence this guy.  All said and done I was really happy with the way his short sword / dagger turned out.

All right, that's your art fix for the week.  Sorry it's a few days late, but better late than never!  How have you been?  Things are good here.  We got a Pathfinder game under our belts, so I'll be showing off some new Lego figs of that.  We've also got a Dark Heresy campaign about to kick off this Saturday that I'm really looking forward to, so until then, enjoy!


  1. Crabsticks are the best weapon I have seen all year!

  2. Hey MIK, I wanted to let you know that I emailed you earlier, and that it was legitimate.


    1. I emailed your blogger profile gmail account, and I just forwarded it to you now. If you don't get it, please email me at stuffershack[at]yahoo[dot]com