Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Rucht Hour: The View from RuchtCon

Usually, around St. Patrick's Day, I run a gaming convention from my house. This year, I went big. As big as I could get. I had some folks flying into my tiny convention. There were the locals and there were folks from Georgia and North Carolina. Baltimore was as furthest distance traveled. Check out the dragon cake!

Anyhow, the weekend started with a round of roleplaying games. There was Gothic Earth Eternal, a Pathfinder-based horror game that I wrote. There was also Deadlands and Inspectres. Inspectres was interesting - basically it's a game where you form a Ghostbusters franchise of your own and go around bustin' ghosts!

Saturday morning was cartoons, sugar cereal and boardgames. We played more than one rousing game of Zombicide, which was great fun. Nick drove a car around the board, running over hordes of undead while the rest of us scrambled for resources.

While zombie killin' was going on, elsewhere people were playing Elder Sign, which is a dice-centric game which is the nephew of Arkham Horror. 

While some zombies were bashed and Elder Gods were battled, other folks adjourned upstairs for a game of Arabian Nights! 

After that, we adjourned back to role-playing games. I had tremendous fun playing the Trail of Cthulhu, which uses the Gumshoe system. In the Gumshoe system, you are allowed to "spend" skill points in order to gain or ensure success, which is great for investigative scenarios. It's not a question of if you find a clue, but how good the clue is that you receive. Meanwhile, other folks had fun with Mouseguard and Shadowrun

In the evening, for me it was another round of Gothic Earth Eternal, while Fantasy Flight's Only War got off of the ground. In the kitchen, people battled martians in a 50's sci-fi mash up using the Savage Worlds rules. 

Finally, on Sunday morning, we got together one last time to do that old favorite - Fiasco. However, I was lucky enough to play Jason Morningstar's newer game - Durance. I'll just say this. Mik, Durance is right up your alley. 

All right, that's all for now. Happy Friday everyone!


  1. +1 for the Dragon Cake!

    +2 for Zombicide. Did you happen to get in on the Season 2 Kickstarter?

    Oh and Happy (belated) Birthday!!!

  2. Didn't get in on the Season 2 Kickstarter, Biscuit. let us know how it is!

  3. Durance is on my radar for sure. As is Inspectres actually, I've eyed that one for some time. Looks like a lot of fun was had, sorry I missed it this year.