Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thor's Day Hero: Ron Swanson

"You may have thought you heard me say I wanted a lot of bacon and eggs, but what I said was: Give me all the bacon and eggs you have." -Ron Swanson
When looking at civilians to answer the call to the ranks of the Thor's Day Heroes one has to use a very stringent set of parameters. Fortunately Ron Swanson wrote the book on having just such a stringent set of parameters. When looking at the cast of Parks and Recreation, honestly, most of them are "favorite" chaaracters. You can only pick one however, err, not you per se but me, since I'm the commander supreme of the Thor's Day Heroes. Even then, I am both in awe, and intimidated by this guy. He knows how to use a gun, he loves steak, and his woodworking skills are without parallel, just don't ask him about his ex-wives. How can we afford to not have him on the team?


  1. Job: Assistant to a man. Low pay. Apply at Parks Department.

  2. F yea! +1 for Ron Swanson.

    Are you looking for "the perfectly calibrated recipe for maximum personal achievement"? Consult Ron Swanson's Pyramid of Greatness.

  3. I still haven't gotten into this yet!

  4. Francis, here is a Ron Swanson Primer.