Monday, May 6, 2013

Iron Man 3 Quick Review

Last night fellow blog author, Monday-Night Miller, and I went to see the latest Iron Man flick. I was really looking forward to see what a post-Avengers Iron Man movie would look like. I was really hoping to see some Fin Fang Foom action. What did I get?

A great movie, I would say much better than the second even. The action was plentiful and exciting, the development of Tony Stark ongoing, the story was simple yet solid with a twist I didn't see coming, and in a sense there was a vibe of finality, a closing off of the trilogy going on to boot.

It is hard to beat the first installment, but number three skirts dangerously close. I was hoping for a bit (lot) more mention/cameos or whatever of previous Avengers action and characters, but had to settle for what (little) was there.

Being an Iron Man reader for close to three decades I do have a bit of a problem with one of the major twists in the movie, but won't spoil anything here. In the end I was more like, "Huh, I'm not sure how I feel about that one." rather than being mad or anything.

Overall, it was great. Downey as Stark is what makes this movie, and there's plenty of Cheadle as Rhodes as well, in a good way. If you've seen any Marvel movie in the last six years you'll see this one too, you don't need my approval. If you're on the fence however, trust me, it's well worth it.


  1. I've just seen it but at the end while I liked the movie I wasn't that overwhelmed.

  2. I agree with everything Mik just posted. I hope Mr. Robert Downey Jr has some more Iron Man movies in him but if not this one was pretty good to go out on. I know its a ways off but I have a feeling that post-Avengers 2 will have less of an Iron Man focus to ease a RDJr-less Marvel universe. My guess at that point will be more Ruffalo/Hulk which I wouldn't complain about.

    Also +1 to the mention of Don Cheadle/Rhodey/Warmachine! I think his presence in this film could help lay the groundwork for a potential future Warmachine spin-off flick of his own. Fingers crossed! WARMACHINEROX

  3. "Huh, I'm not sure how I feel about that one."

    I was wondering about how you would feel about that. Now I know. I was really prepared for you to hate it. Glad you didn't hate it.

    1. If the overall movie had been marginal, that would've been the tipping point to severely disliking it. As it stands, the movie itself was good enough to overlook this aggregious change in Iron Man scenery.