Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday Night Miller 020 ~ Gun Runs & Dragons

Hey Everybody! Monday Night Miller time! Tonight I'm previewing a character concept for a project I've been kicking around. I'm still hammering out the story ideas but this lil' lass should be one of the main characters. A rough and tumble elven tomboy with a big knack for getting herself into trouble and an bigger knack of pulling at your heart strings. Not to mention that she's a crack shot and will totally put one between your eyes!... cute right? I plan on going with the ginger leading the lineup below but I couldn't help but mess with the colors which resulted in the center drow and right vampire. Check it out.


~ Enjoy!


  1. I like the character on the left, but the clothes color scheme on the right the best. Funny how simple color swaps can change the whole vibe of a character.

  2. Looks like shadowrun characters. I like it.