Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Rucht Hour: Unleash the Kraken!

I had been working on this guy for a long while, but last month, I finally got him painted up! Since I posted his building and modding here, I wanted to show you guys the final result. Without further ado - behold the Cryx Kraken! 

I went with a brass color with heavy washes to make a verdigris effect. I painted the seaweed with a variety of greens to get the organic look. 

Out front, you can see this modified plastic zombie mini I used to pose as the dead victim in the claw of the Kraken.

Here's another close up detail - I still have some of the dead and dying figures I used from the Wraith Engine that I made. Two of these guys ended up painted and placed on the rock outcropping below the Kraken's leg. Note the brown barnacles down there - I made them with green stuff! 

Finally, here's the back end. I little more seaweed was draped on the back. Those exhaust pipes were a major pain, but it was worth it to get in all the fine details on them.

Overall, this model was a tremendous blast to assemble, modify, and paint. Best of all, he came out pretty much how I pictured him. I wish I could take all of the credit for this guy's appearance, but I was inspired by this post over on the Privateer Press boards. Particularly in the verdigris effect that was used on the model. 

Anyhow, hope everyone's having a good Memorial Day weekend! Paint on! 


  1. Green stuff! Look at you go! Your model here is stunning, looks fantastic! Don't worry about where the inspiration came from, it was executed well here. Kudos.