Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thor's Day Hero: BMO

BMO may not be the first robot among the Thor's Day Hero ranks, but it is definitely one of the most unique of our A.I. friends to grace this esteemed cast. BMO is a supporting character on the excellent cartoon Adventure Time, which you should check out if you haven't already. What is BMO? Kind of a cross between an original Apple computer and an original Game Boy, with classic Atari controllers and is filled with self awareness.

BMO has got some chops, but its main contribution it to just hang out with everyone, BMO is your buddy you can count on and life just seems better with BMO around. It will surprise you though with its resourcefulness and come up with a solution just when everyone else has given up. I couldn't imagine traversing the cosmos without 'him'. It also comes pre-loaded with over a dozen great game titles. Welcome to the ranks BMO, now who wants to play some Portender Defender?

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