Monday, June 3, 2013

Superman's Metropolis Showdown

Another day, and another Lego set review. Like last time this is another hero's 'showdown' set as well. 

We are jumping companies however and head into DC Comic waters, this time with the man of steel himself, Superman. 

The set itself is the cheapest of the Supes sets. Canny shoppers can find it in the $10 usd range. What do you get for ten bucks?  A couple of cool figs, a neat car, and rubble. Rating: 6.5 out of 10 stars. 

Like with small sets you get the good and the bad. As you can see here I didn't bother to waste my time constructing the communications tower. 

The figs are super cool I must say. Superman is sporting his new movie look and has his signature hair, double-sided torso and head, and printed legs. 

Zod is very cool too. He has a neat, all-black outfit that would work very well in sci-fi trooper builds. He's also got a slick hair piece, and two sided head (angry and really angry). 

As I've said, the figs drive the sets, and these two are pretty much the only reason you're buying this set. It's certainly not for the comm tower. Nor the car, but at least it's a solid build. 

The car that comes in the set is worthy of any town vehicle, easily. In fact, if you're a big town theme fan, pick this set up for the car alone. It's a solid, clever build with lots of layers and details. Plus, it has a really cool, curved windshield. 

The car doesn't save the rating though. It's neat mind you, but only just. Plus, I'm not buying a DC Comics set to get a civilian car. 

I don't take any issue with Supes, he looks great. Zod does too, but throw in Zod's cool power armor and helmet while you're at it, he's fairly plain and we know there's cool accessories, just look at the other sets. 

I say stick Superman and power-armored Zod in a small box by themselves and slap a $6.99 price tag and you got a 10/10 star set no problemo. As it stands, you're getting (and paying for) a lot of stuff you just don't need. Superman's Metropolis Showdown:  6.5 / 10 stars. 


  1. That made sense to me Mik.

  2. Replies
    1. It's pretty awesome, some great sci-fi nuggets in the larger sets.

  3. This is interesting. You're doing Lego reviews. I like them. I've been on the edge of picking up this set, you may have just pushed me over.

    1. I've felt bad for the lack of content lately, so these are squarely in the "something's better than nothing" category!

      Do yourself a favor, pay the extra $8-$10 bucks and get the Escape from Black Zero set. You get Zod with his cape and power armor, Supes, Lois Lane, and a very cool sci-fi escape craft.