Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wolverine's Chopper Showdown

This Marvel Lego set came out last year and I'm guessing it will be phased out fairly soon. I thought I'd pick it up while I could and pop a quick review to boot. Bottom line; it's a solid 8 out 10 set. 

First up are the figs, and aren't they why we're buying these sets nowadays anyway?  I'll detail Deadpool and Wolverine below and focus on Magneto here. 

Purple cloak, check. Cool helmet, double check. In fact, it's his helmet that's really impressive. He's also got a two-sided head; one angry face an one really angry face. 

Just look at him, he looks great, he is the embodiment of the Magneto that has graced the pages of the X-Men comic for decades. 

Next up is Wolverine, he's the best at what he does; riding motorcycles, slicing, and dicing. The Lego take on admantium claws is great, they look the part spot on and are elegantly simple in execution. 

His bike is really cool too. It's not your standard Lego bike, nor is it a police bike clone or what-not; it'a a Wolverine bike, end of story. 

Wolverine, like Magneto, has a double-sided head. Also like Mags, it sports an angry face and a really angry face. The best part of this fig isn't just the double-sided torso, but as you can see, he's got his mask pulled down in the back. It's little details like this that make an already cool fig even better. 

And speaking of cool figs, there's Deadpool. He's the reason I initially got this set in the first place. When I first saw Deadpool in the comics I was a big fan. As the character grew he just got cooler. This fig carries all of that through wonderfully. 

He comes with a pistol, has a great printed torso and legs, and even a pair o' katanas in a "Prince of Persia" style backpack. I love this fig, if I had it thirty years ago he would've been backyard bound for sure. 

Deadpool's helicopter ain't no slouch either. Thankfully they didn't skimp on this build. It's beefy in size and has a great cargo area and cockpit, plus a couple of weapon pods outfit it's overall coolness. For a set where maybe you were just looking for figs, you get a surprisingly sweet attack chopper as a bonus. 

Parting shot: I stand by my 8 out of 10, I feel if I went higher it would just be because of the figs. The chopper is great, and although Wolvie's bike is cool, it's still just a bike. I like Magneto in there, but thematically he doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I would've rather them left Mags out and upgraded the chopper even more and/or give Wolverine a truck or something. For twenty bucks though, it's solid. Until next time, rock on. 

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