Thursday, August 29, 2013

What are the Odds?

...of two players rolling tens and the other two players
rolling ones for initiative in the same round?

So, our friends over at the Minions of the Monster Master podcast have been knocked slightly out of alignment with our own reality and are having technical difficulties.  One of the crafty hosts posted this yesterday and asked everyone spread the word.  I'm spreading the word; the Minions are down...but not out.

I probably need to post a "where's Mik and what the heck is going on with his own blog?" writeup, but never fear.  Rucht, the new MVP of the blog, is keeping the ship afloat.  For me, its always been about ebb and flow.  For a while it was miniatures, then that tapered off to boardgames.  As of late, it's actually been roleplaying games, and lots of them; Pathfinder, AD&D 1st edition, and ICONS superheroes to name just a few.  Unfortunately, with RPGs it's kind of hard to do posts about them unless they look like the above pic, not exactly action packed.

Instagram does have my current geek feed, however it's also sprinkled heavily with non-geek items to boot, but it's there nonetheless and updated frequently.  Username is cygnus46 if you're so inclined. 

I did pick up Ganesha Games' newest Battlesworn rules with the intent of getting in some solo miniature gaming, so hopefully I can post some of that.  Also, we have been trying to getting in at least one night a month of Hordes, so I'll have to post up some of my Trollbloods to boot.

So originally my intent was to post to let you guys know the Minions have been quiet, but they're still around.  Me too I guess!