Saturday, September 21, 2013

Forces of Battlesworn: Ninja

Ninjas!  I'd throw this Battlesworn army in on the 'good guy' side, rounding out that bunch with Bandits, Knights, and now Ninjas.  I think the Knights better hide their wallets!  Man, I loved the Lego Ninja sets, and no, NOT Ninjago either!  It's good to put these guys back on the table in action.  

What's a Ninja army without half a dozen rogues?  Here we have the backbone of the army, six rogues.  Rogues, just for posterity as you already know, are harder to hit with shooting and get bonuses to melee when they're 'flanking' with allies.

These are the compulsory fighters of the army, dual-wielding katanas Mirumoto style and wearing heavy armor.  I'm still using the sample lists, but these guys could easily be brute / tanks, bear in mind you only get up to three multi-class models in the army however.

No real personalities in the Ninja army, but here's a pair of ranged attack models.  The model on the right in red with the bow is a shooter, but the veteran on the left with the crossbow is a sniper.  The difference between these two is that the sniper is not limited to shooting the closest model, he may shoot at ANY unengaged model in line of sight.  

And with the Ninja we round out the six forces of Battlesworn.  These six were the 'gimmes' out of the sample lists.  I'm sure I could crank out at least a couple more fantasy armies, but those might take a little more effort.  As I mentioned with one of the Undead armies though, six is a great number to have and opens up some real possibilities to an all-day skirmish-fest or the like.  I'm going to let that idea simmer for a bit.  Stay tuned until next time!


  1. Those ninja's do look just like the Ninjago ones but I have never seen the samuri or the last two before.

    1. Well, maybe I snuck in a Ninjago or two just to round the force out.

      See what I did there? "Sneak"? 'Cause they're all ninja and stuff.