Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Rucht Hour: 120 mm Bases and Reaper Bones

I was recently down in Mik's neck of the woods and I made a trade for some Reaper Bones minis that he picked up as extras. I received a Cthulhu and a dragon for my trade. The Cthulhu "mini" was well worth it, of course. I use the term loosely, because it's pretty big. It's probably now the biggest mini that I own.

I'm sure many of you want to see that...but its time to appear here will come. Never worry. Right now, I want to talk bases. 120mm bases. I've always wanted to try one out. Here, I went and got two of them. I got my bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures. I came across my site a couple years ago, when I was looking for my ideas for my Cryx battle engine.

Anyhow, here's the base Cthulhu will eventually sit on.

It's all covered with fungal growth and giant maggots. It's going to be nasty and fun to paint. What were we talking about? Oh, yeah. My dragon

So, here he is. Fantastic pose. As you can see, he already has an amazingly dynamic base. He's perched up on a statue's face. By the way? The figure you see above hasn't been glued together yet. I've fond that's a nice byproduct of the Reaper Bones plastic. It's very slightly "squishy" and so you can actually put pieces together without glue so that you get a sense of its shape and pose. It was very helpful to be able to pre-assemble the figure. 

Here's the 120mm base he finally got mounted upon. The whole process was quite interesting. First thing to note - Reaper Bones material is not that easy to cut with your Dremel. It's malleable, making it want to often bend or flex when it's being cut. But in the end, I cut it just the same. I kept the statue face, of course. 

And...below is the final product. I just used a piece of real wood to prop up the dragon a bit . I really like the result of this dragon on the super-large base. I probably need to add some flocking to the base before I'm completely done.


  1. That looks quite fantastic. I was never that bothered about owning a dragon. Sure I admired there peoples but my recent delve into fantasy and dungeons is making me think I need one :D

  2. Great looking Dragon, I again wish I could have got into the Reaper Bones kickstarter


  3. This is the first dragon I've ever done. As I've said before, I always paint for a reason. The reason compels you to get to the finish line. I never really "needed" a dragon until recently, and I used a pre-painted mini in that case. The pre-painted mini got the job done. But, of course, it didn't look nearly as good - thus prompting me to paint this guy up.

  4. Nice. The pathfinder dragon is a little small compared to the other ones. I am still waiting on an arm and top half of head from Reaper so for me the kickstarter clock has not closed.

  5. Very nice work, great looking paint job!