Sunday, September 8, 2013

Forces of Battlesworn: The Knights

Welcome to the first of three initial installments that feature, as canny readers may have already discerned, the forces of Battlesworn.  Read the review here, of if you don't just know that one of my favorite things about the rules is army creation.  Using generic 'slots' you kit out your army as you see fit with whatever forces you've got on hand.  Me being me, I went the Lego route.

Above you see the twelve slot force (standard sized game) of Knights.  In the rulebook there are two pages worth of sample armies, and all three of the initial armies here come directly from those sample pages.  What I should do is take the excellent fantasy setting we cranked out with Sarterra and apply it to these new armies and where their battles take place.

The core of every Battlesworn army are the fighters, your basic troops that every force requires to have a minimum of four of.  Here two of the Knights' fighters practice sparring while the other two look on.

There are a lot of troop type options to go around, and these two heavily armored Knights are of the 'tank' variety.  They don't hit any harder than the fighters, but they do shrug off damage better than  most, thus lending them their role's name.  

The Battlesworn rules also allow some customization by combining two different classes together and taking the best of both classes.  In the case of the two mounted figs here, they are 'cavalry/tanks'; heavily armored knights on horseback.  I modeled them here to be the king and his champion, of course on the tabletop there's no difference in stats, but it's the little details that give just that much more character.  That's it for the Knights, next up will be the greenskins.  Until then, enjoy!

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