Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday Rucht Hour: Dwarven Forge Kickstarter

If you recall, guys, there was a Dwarven Forge Kickstarter some time ago in March to May.

If you don't know Dwarven Forge or know what their Kickstarter was all about, here's the brief version.... Dwarven Forge is a company famed for making dungeon tiles that you can put on a table and maneuver minis across them. In their Kickstarter they were offering a new product - Game Tiles - which were dungeon pieces made of a hard rubber type substance which was lighter and stronger.

I thought to myself - I'll sign up for a basic set of their new tiles. I have a ton of Dwarven Forge stuff. I like their company. I will support them with my dollar, even though I'll probably never use their basic set when I have so much dungeon stuff already.

Wow. Complete and total mistake there, folks. I missed the boat.

When this Kickstarter first came out, I told the Minions that I probably wasn't going to invest too heavily because I already had a lot of Dwarven Forge already. Well, I completely regret that decision. Frankly, the new Game Tiles are amazing. They are superior to the old Dwarven Forge dungeon tiles in every way.

For one, they fit together better. Sometimes, my 1st edition Dwarven Forge materials don't aways fit exactly to each other. The new stuff is cut expertly so that they fit snugly with each other. Their lightness also means that it's a cinch to pick up and rearrange. Finally, because they are so tough, you find yourself manipulating them quickly and rapidly, because you don't have to worry about one of them falling off the table and breaking.

They came with a tote bag because they are so resilient that you can chuck them into a tote bag and go. Something that was unthinkable with the old Dwarven Forge stuff. Also, they are far lighter than the old stuff, so it's easier to transport.

Finally, and most importantly, they look fantastic! Even the doors! Their doors don't come off the hinges like the old school models.

Well, there you have it, folks. Go out and buy some of your own!


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  1. Oh the pain of not going full tilt eh?