Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Snow Day Rucht Hour: 10 Year Painting Job Done

So, back in 2003, I first got into the hobby / addiction known as miniature wargaming. Relative to most people who read this - I suspect - I'm fairly new to the wargaming hobby. Now, I have been painting miniatures for multiple decades, most of them for D&D or other RPGs.

When I first got into miniature wargaming, I said to myself that it would be impossible to paint an entire unit. It would take too long, it would make me bored, I would lose interest and never finish a unit.

Well, that has remained true. I love wargaming, but I have a terrible habit of not finishing my units.

Interestingly enough, participating in the Warmachine tournament earlier this year changed all of that. Sitting across the field against fully painted (and gorgeously painted) armies, prompted me to roll my sleeves up and get busy. So, here's my first unit that I ever started to paint…and never finished until now. 2013.

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