Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Trio of Infinity Figs

It's been quite a while since I posted anything about these guys, last time they were assembled only and left in a state of limbo.  I painted them longer ago than you'd think, but Infinity kind of faded away and I never took a proper pic of them finished.  Still not proper, on the paint desk with a camera phone, but proof of life nonetheless.

Infinity hit the table the other night, as in 2014-the-other-night, so expect to see these guys again, next time hopefully in action.  I made it a goal to get figs on the table in 2014, and so far so good.  Looks like Hordes and Infinity are getting the nod to move up to the front, and we've already played games of both, great news!  

There's a beast of a 15mm sci-fi endeavor lurking in the depths as well, but best let that stay in lurk mode for now.  Until then, enjoy the above; a jump pack equipped melee monster Rasyat, a sneaky, shapeshifting, infiltrating Speculo Killer, and finally a sniping, crouching, camouflaging Noctifer.


  1. Great work buddy. They are all nice but I really like the crouching one.

    1. Thanks Simon! After the run-through the other night with the rules I've got a lot of enthusiasm going forward with Infinity, I hope the momentum carries forward.

  2. Ooh! Nice going! Painting in general and Infinity in particular. :)

  3. Might add that I played in a local Infinity tournament today and had lots of fun crushing the enemies of the StateEmpire under steel boots! And then the pictures of the new Gecko hit the net and know what army I'll have to paint next. Haha!

    Want to hear more about your Infinity exploits!

  4. Sweet!
    I've admired the Infinity figures for some time now and these make me want to start a collection...

  5. Very different scheme, I like them a lot.