Monday, February 17, 2014

More Sci-Fi Trooper Progress

It seems a lot of my posts have "It's been a while..." in the introduction, well whoa be to me to break tradition.  Continuing to plod along with these Wargames Factory troopers.  They're actually a lot closer than the above pic might indicate.  It's a race to keep the blog updated and the bench moving forward.  Above you can see I've got the coats done, layering up dark blues with a little stark lighter blue contrast for highlights.

All those little GW bits went to great effect on these models, which would've been a bit plain looking without them.  I kept the palette simple since I had eighteen individual kits to paint up, so I alternated between the same green and brown.  

The gas masks and lenses were begging for a bright, almost glowing green, so I obliged.  The masks themselves were a ruddy olive drab, with a green wash.  The lenses were a bit more labor intensive as I worked up three shades of green to bright, leaving it a bit 'sloppy' around the edges for an ever-so-slight object source lighting effect.

Finally, what's a trooper without his gun?  I painted their primary weapons good ole M41A Pulse Rifle green, threw in a wash, then did a little highlighting.  Again, eighteen rifles meant keeping it quick and easy.  The ventilated shroud I went with a similar bright green as I did the mask lenses.  I tried something else, but ended up not liking it whatsoever and had to repaint the barrels from scratch.  Meh, live and learn, I really like how they ended up so it worked in the end.  Next up...bases!


  1. They are looking pretty cool. What game are you planning on using these for? It's sometimes nice to make and paint minis for nothing in particular, like you are making your own army without rules. Again I really like the mech mini, it looks like it belongs even more when painted up like the rest. I have some older metal Heavy Gear minis that I don't know what to do with, and alongside some 28mm minis it could easily look like the heavy unit that accompanies the group.

    1. Thanks Jared, it's been good warming up the brushes and getting back into painting groove again. I think the mech plays pretty darn well in there too, I threw it in there on a whim but it works out pretty well. Those Heavy Gear models are fantastic sculpts, they'd work well in 28mm, or even as 15mm mecha. As for these guys, they're not for a system or game in particular, to be honest, I'd like to turn around and sell them off and use that money to buy a big guy for Infinity.

    2. That's cool. Good luck selling them. Meanwhile I have been in Warhammer 40k mode working on my army, but It has been fun to see what extracurricular stuff I can make with leftover bits. Over the years of bits collecting I have got a ton of stuff to work with. And with some of the scifi troopers from the Reaper BONES order, I could start up a little scifi skirmish game with some completely homebrew armies. I definitely will be sticking a couple Heavy Gear models in there.

  2. Looking good! I also found that the GW bits like canteens and such went a long way to making these models look complete