Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Smattering o' Hordes

Up top we've got a four-player double header of Hordes, it's not something that has been as frequent on the table as we'd like, but it's on the table so that's saying something in and of itself.  A lot of the guys in the groups have bought the plastic starter boxes that contain two factions, so we're set with loaner armies and have plenty of choices to pick from.  One of the guys in the group (the only other Trollblood player besides myself) has been around the block a little more than the rest of us, so not only does he have plenty of excellently painted models, he can help with the rules to boot.

Here's a couple of my Trollblood warbeasts getting stuck in with some Circle hoodlums.

A converted Rök crashes into an albino Carnivean
Here's my fledgling warband so far.  I know I haven't posted any progress pics because I'm not painting them!  The Pyre Troll in the middle (which looks awesome) was a gift a while back from rare blog art contributor Miller.  The fig looked so good though I couldn't hope to match it, so I just commissioned him to paint all of my beasts.  I've got a scads of troopers in the works too, but keeping in my no-trollblood-paint embargo, I've commissioned those out to none other than Joe 'Mezz', but more on those later, when I have pics to show of those!  Moral of the post; there's minis stuff happening, slowly sure, but slow is better than not at all!

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