Friday, June 6, 2014

Dungeon Roll; the Dice Game

If you haven't heard of Dungeon Roll, well, now you have!

Dungeon Roll was another Kickstarter game I backed months ago.  For a mere fifteen bucks however this was a huge no-brainer, and that included shipping.

What is it?  A press-your-luck dice game themed in a dungeon crawl with your active dice representing fighters and thieves, wizards, and the like.  The dice you roll against are the denizens of the depths; undead, oozes, goblins, and of course dragons.

Each 'level' you venture down you're rolling less dice, but of course each lower level of the dungeon where you're rolling less, the bad guys are rolling more.  Go as deep as you dare, before calling it quits and heading to the tavern.  You 'cash in' the level you went furthest as experience and then the turn goes around the table for the next active dungeoneer.  At the end of three rounds tally up the point and score it.  The rules of course are a bit more in-depth than this, but surprisingly not by much.

Is it a deep game?  No, no not at all.  Is it a fun beer and pretzels game, definitely.  Fantastic filler game while waiting for the rest of your friends to show up?  Without a doubt.  A short and quick 'just one more game' before calling it a night?  Yup.

It's still ridiculously cheap looking around, and although you don't get the exclusive Mimic box like what's pictured here, or some of the bonus cards obtained as goal rewards, it's still worth picking up and putting in rotation.


  1. Sounds like fun and something you can pick up and play quite quickly :)

    1. Yeah, it excels as a 'filler' game six ways to Sunday. It's fun and quick and stupid easy.