Sunday, June 1, 2014

Clear for Go/No-Go

edit:  I changed the post title, because "Go/No-Go" always sounds cool in the movies.
Here's a pic of the game room, tidy and ready for the next adventure.  Recording device stands stalwart in the middle of the table.  Dry-erase grid map is clean and good to go.  Chairs, check.  GM's table, check.

What's been going on?  Lots!  Where's the posts?  Instagram!  What have I been up to?  Lots, I just said that!

I do need to wrap up those 90% complete sci-fi troops, yes, I'm guilty on many counts and they're near the top of the list.  They're on a rather clean and tidy paint desk as I type this.  Speaking of the paint desk, I also got in a fun, little Infinity order of a few more troops and a 'big guy', all for Combined Army.

Until then...whenever that may be, enjoy!


  1. Good for you. I could not get away with anything like that in my place. I was getting a little grief yesterday from the wife for having like 13 Simpson Lego Minifigures sitting on top of the desk in the family room.

    1. I do count myself lucky in that regard, I really should express that to the missus more often. Thirteen Simpsons figs aye? I've only got three so far...