Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sci-Fi Trooper Bases

This has been in the 'draft' file for, oh, over a month!  I never wrote it up, bah, there you have it.

All right, those sci-fi troopers have had a few more coats of paint as you can see, and I usually save the bases 'til the end, they're just about done.

I went with Citadel Foundation Calthan Brown, put it on heavy, and then used the edges of their coats to drybrush off the excess from the brush.  Also, I didn't bother going back and touching up boots, so they'll have an overall weathered feel to them.  I then went back with a lighter brown, did the requisite drybrush over both the basecoat as well as their coat edges.

You can see I've got rifles, helmets, masks, armor...pretty much everything else already wrapped up.  I still need to finish the two, non-helmet commander heads, then we'll call it wraps on these guys.  This is where I say, 'Enjoy!' and thanks for sticking around!

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