Saturday, September 6, 2014

I Ain't Been Shot Mum, Bonus Pics Post

A quick little preface, since coming back to the bloglands I started paying a little more attention to the behind-the-scenes stats of Mik's Minis.  In the traffic section of the posts I saw the first IABSM pics post grabbed about five times the usual traffic.  Ever a one to listen, I pulled the rest of the pics of the battle to stick up here.  To keep things a bit trim and tidy I broke them down into this post and a second one to pop up in a day or two.  I can't say enough good things about the table, the chaps I game with, or the rules themselves.  As always, enjoy!

German armor getting chewed up as they roared down the main road to town
The reason for the aforementioned chewing; hidden allied guns with the perfect vantage point
Just a nice, little view of the contested town
Allied forces perspective of the table
Another good terrain pic, we're talking beyond 'con' quality with this thing man!
As you can see from these pics, there's a lot of backstory, setup, and more built into the game itself.  What always makes for a fun game is the mechanic of hidden deployment.  As you can see from the map of the town and its surroundings, we marked what units were where, but the enemy had no clue until they were within spotting range, recon range, or the like.  The approaching enemy wasn't without its own 'phantom' markers either, and unless directly engaged we didn't know what was where until the bullets were flying.  Made for a fun and tense rising action of the game's first half.


  1. The terrain makes my brain say "YES" and my wallet scream "NOOO GOD NOOO" . and i think im okay with that.

    1. Terrain really does make the not just the table, but the whole game.

  2. There Is Obviously a lot to know about this. I suppose you made Some Great points in the Feature also.

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    1. Yeah, obviously.

      *eye roll*