Monday, September 1, 2014

September First: Mountain Challenge

It's no secret I've seemingly forsaken the blog, 'old faithful' here, for quicker pastures; Instagram.  In the circular pattern that is life (and minis), Chris from Miniature Woes on Instagram has started a minis painting / blog posting / lead reducing challenge.  Dave from Spider Web of History is in on it (I met Dave on IG and have gotten to game with him in person since then), and of course Spacejacker has found his groove and is in as well.

The official 'rules' can be found here by Chris.  For me, I need to paint for sure, but my last blog post here was two months ago?  That's just ridiculous, so in addition to painting figures I am going to focus on getting blog posts in the queue again.

The points for me; don't buy any figs...paint what's in house, paint period, get a blog post up weekly, in October do some zombie/horror themed projects.  Boom, that's it.  As always, thanks for sticking around and enjoy!


  1. Welcome back ;-) this ought to be fun!

  2. I try to do the same... and so far I've been a good boy this year. I definitely painted more figures than I bought. Only one problem: last year's Kickstarter addiction, that is now starting to arrive in. (Not that I kicked the habit this year)

    1. Kickstarters absolutely obliterate any semblance of responsible miniatures buying!