Friday, March 20, 2015

LEGO Lessons Learned

It goes without saying the LEGO Movie is watched at least once a week in my house, it's so good.  When it first came out all of my friends seemed to equate the dad character to me, because my Legos really are (were) off-limits to the child-folk.  It finally sunk in, and my lesson learned was to let my collection mingle with their imaginations.  Funnily enough I was very 'motherly hen' to my neatly sorted parts as they dug into them but relaxed.  To be fair, my kids both have a plethora of Legos, the Firstborn has her own themes she collects and the Halfling just has a bucket full of bits, my stuff is still regulated to a degree but no more 'off limits' signs.

the fruit of my three year old's labor; the winged gladiator coffee guy


  1. I created a small bin for my 3 year old of a few small Star Wars ships or duplicate minifigures he can touch but the majority is back in the storage area.

    1. Heya Brad, I've got a bucket for the Halfling with pretty much the same stuff; duplicate figs, leftover pieces, and the like. My daughter's collection is a little closer to a legitimate, fledgling collection. The bulk of it though sees the light of day only under my gaze.

  2. Dude, YOU are the special.