Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Beastmen: Primetime

Got the core of my Beastmen army assembled the other day, which you saw. I also based them with sand up front before the step you see here. Now I've got them primed white!

First unit of twenty Gors. Not the best troops but their strength is in numbers. I normally paint from a black undercoat, but I went white to get brighter hues when all said and done. 

Here's my two heroes; my Beastlord with a head swap and my Great Shaman. One of those happy accidents, I was out of 40mm round bases but had these two perfect resin ones in the bits box!

This is my harder hitting elite unit of twenty Bestigors. What I'll do next is bathe all of these in a brown (Agrax Earthshade) wash (shade) and then work my colors up from there. Pics to follow as always!