Sunday, September 27, 2015

Battlin' Beastmen

I've started getting some shade layers on my army, but today I've got some battle pics! I've got a few, quick games under my belt so far and they've had mixed results. Did win the last match against Dwarves, swarming their lord above. 

My guys definitely need some support to their ranks, and a Beastlord with Shaman combo go a long way to fix that. The lord is a combat monster, the shaman is a little more fiddly but once I get his nuances down he'll be great for support. 

And finally picked up these nearly twenty year old minis to add to the army! Until next time friends, enjoy!


  1. Hey Mik, I have a bunch of old beastmen, if you are interested ; )

    1. Send me an email,