Monday, January 4, 2016

Project: Dark Eldar Homunculi

Ooh! A second 40k project, this time from scratch and a lesser played faction; the Homunculi Dark Eldar.

These guys are the cruelest of the cruel, vilest of the vile. Depraved and demented, they'll do things to your feet. Weird things. I feel dirty just writing this. 



  1. This is hilarious. I'm starting a DE Haemonculus Covens army as well. I'm interested to hear how it plays for you.

    1. Seriously? That is hilarious! As for playing, I certainly have more opportunity to get a game in but mainly I'm collecting the force because I love the look and feel. Notoriously bad at tabletop games really, not a huge deal because I still love the rest of the aspects of the hobby. Wait until you see my Grotesques post!

    2. I am mostly a Tau player, and I have some of these guys built up and got a 1000pt game in against my brother's Orks. They are completely different to anything I have ever played. And I love it!