Monday, October 20, 2008

The Shrine of Marcus Gideon

After our second game of 40k, where we had fully painted, beautiful armies, but were somewhat lacking on terrain, I thought I'd focus some energy in that department over the weekend. My budding dark Angels army can wait. I had two buildings I had made with Hirst Arts bricks, a long time ago. I've mentioned them before. I had built them to be objective buildings for the Escalation campaign in Warmachine a long, long time ago. We never played the campaign, and now our WM armies have all been sold off, but the buildings remain.

This shrine isn't dilapidated by any means, but it has seen better days. It will work in just about any setting, fantasy works best, but any genre will do, I foresee a lot of sci-fi action.

I absolutely love Hirst Arts bricks, although I see their brick molds have literally doubled in price since I built these, I'll still plop down for some more, I've already got a new idea sketched out.

Here's the rear view. It does lean ever-so-slightly, but that adds to its out of the way, backwoods charm, heh.

Tiles affixed and everything undercoated in black.

I cut the roof shingles in large strips and glued them on one layer at a time. When I first got going, it looked like there'd be no way it'd look halfway decent, but when it was done, I was surprised at how "shingly" it came out.

Being a shrine I wanted to put a statue on the inside of a forgotten adventurer or lesser warrior deity. This figure is a Reaper one I had in my bits box. Now that I know his name, that's who the shrine is named after! Most of the shrine was done in grays, so I shied away from making him a fake marble or something. I painted him in bronze with some burnished gold highlights and some slight splotches of verdigris added by using GW Orc Flesh wash.

Honestly, other than the building of the shrine itself, this was an incredibly easy project, and building was so long ago I don't remember if that was a pain or not. The shingles went on quick, and the painting was quick too, I used two craft paint grays for the blocks (gray and dove gray) and two browns for the roof (teddy bear brown and teddy bear tan). I overbrushed the darker color on the two areas, then drybrushed the lighter color on top of that. I painted clumps of coarse ballast green as scrub grass, using three shades of green, building up from dark to light (craft paint forest green and GW paints snot green and goblin green) and the flat areas that were left were painted in the same craft paint forest green and flocked with a green blend. I used white glue for everything, except the superglue used to keep the statue in place at the back of the shrine.


  1. Dude, that's awesome!! I'm going to get an industrial pump storage tank thingie done by Wednesday...

  2. Thanks guys, hopefully our tables are taking a turn for the better. Can't wait to see the pump storage tank this week either! Rock on...