Sunday, December 7, 2008

Some Updates

Hot lava!

Since 40k is taking more of a prominent place here on the geek journal, I went back and added extra tags to some older posts. In the past, a 40k post would just have '40k' as a tag, but now, if a particular army/race is mentioned, that tag is in there too. If you want to find all the posts with just the Imperial Guard in them, for example, now you can. Since Dark Angels, or Sons of Medusa, are also Space Marines you won't get double dipping. If a marine chapter is listed by name, its name, not 'Space Marines', will be in the tag line.

Speaking of Dark Angels, I'm happy to say my army is taking shape nicely. I've gone back to two older posts, the one with my Deathwing, and the one with my Captain, and updated those two posts to be more in sync with the Dark Angel onces I've done more recently.

Check them out here:

Deathwing Terminators

...and here:

Captain Othniel

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