Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Scout Captain Winter

I really liked the idea of the Scout Sergeant Telion in the new Space Marine codex, and when the figure came out, I knew I would be painting one up...even if I wasn't doing a Space Marine army, this would be one of those figs I paint up "just because". I should point out the model is absolutely huge. I would say he's easily 35mm tall, if not more. He dwarfs regular marines, and nearly as tall as some of my 40mm French Indian War figs. I forgot to take comparison pics...

Telion is an Ultramarines character after all, and I play Dark Angels, so it took just a tad of [amateurish] hacking and slashing to remove all of the Ultramarines iconography on his arm greaves and shoulder pads. Then I commenced to paint him up in Dark Angels colors. As with the rest of my scouts, I painted him with camo face paint and matching desert base and cloak. When I was digging the above pic out of my photo library, he was so blended in that you couldn't make him out in the thumbnail.

I went with the name 'Winter' because I painted him up, appropriately enough, during a snow day. Snow days are great if you're a kid, but let me tell you, they're absolute heaven if you're a teacher. I wanted to give him a little more weight in the Dark Angels hierarchy than just a 'scout sergeant', so he got a field promotion to Captain of the entire Scout company. Nice! The stats in the codex are fairly beefy, and he's got some very cool special abilities to boot, so I don't think it's too much of a stretch to make him captain. He's also equipped with the Stalker-pattern Boltgun, which not only looks cool, but it's got a few nifty abilities as well.

"Screw you!" Pun intended

Note to self: Next time I photograph on the deck, put the fig OVER the screw in order to hide it!

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