Saturday, January 10, 2009


My four (of five) January terrain pieces

Remember my post not too long ago? You may not, 'cause it's showing the images are gone! I guess I need to fix that, ahem. Anyway, I spent the rainy morning in the living room floor adding some rubble. I used a large box lid to catch all the excess pieces, and had pretty much zero mess. I got to count it as family time to boot since cartoons were on, coffee was being drunk, and what-not.

The best terrain tip I've come across as of late is using generic cat litter for rubble. I say generic, because the scoopable stuff we use for our cat is incredibly fine grain, and might work as ballast, but not for rubble. The generic clay cat litter is irregular in size and shape, and instead of grains, it has flakes and chunks and what-not. It's still cat litter, so when it gets wet it clumps up, and if you use a watered down glue mixture, it clumps AND solidifies. Once dry, you've got a texture that looks like busted up concrete and is just as solid.

Two for one

These are actually two pieces, but I tried to bring the rubble all the way to the edges. I also made them to be pretty much identical so can stand apart on the battlefield, or be butted up against one another for a bunch of combinations. I added a lot of clipped up sections of leftover sprues, almost where I'm thinking these be classified as 'dangerous' instead of just 'rough'.

The Rat's Nest got some rubble too

Rounding it all out was yet another H.E.A.P. that got more rubble and dirt. This should be a breeze to paint up, but I'm all out of black undercoat! Both my gloss and flat blacks are empty and I don't know when I'll get out to the store to get some more.


  1. Great stuff. I agree with the cat litter's effect that seems to create a smashed concrete surface and thats why I stopped using it as a rubble effect.

  2. It definitely has found a new place in my terrain toolbox. It's not great for everything, but when you're doing bombed-out urban terrain it's pretty nifty. Thanks for stopping by!