Monday, April 20, 2009

The Game Room Hat Trick

The shelves, waiting to be crammed, err, stocked full

I was digging through my photo library the other day looking for pics of friends and family and ran across these. SInce I had just recently made two posts about my game room here and here, I thought I'd follow up and make the game room saga a trilogy.

We took pictures the day we built the shelves in the game room for posterity, which now in hindsight was a pretty good idea I guess. We're not carpenters I should point out, far from it, but in an about a day with only two trips to the hardware store and about a case of cheap beer we managed to crank out a functional addition to the game room. The only thing I don't have pics of are what the closets looked like before but there's not much to tell. A bunch of those coated white wire shelves and horrible tacky sliding doors.

A handful of RPG books and a Shadowrun Ogre Mage are the test subjects for some of the first shelves. On the right you can see the 'table shelf' which is now a sort of no-man's land. I was originally going to use this as my painting desk and use a bar stool to sit on, but that didn't pan out. On the left you can see my antique desk that we just slid right into the recess.

It's all drywall, so we used drywall screws drilled through the shelf supports. We used full length shelf supports to help distribute the weight as best as possible. We also used a lot of screws for maximum hold, one of these shelves coming out of the wall and crashing everything would be an absolute nightmare. Wood glue was also used. You can see from the spacing of the figure display shelves that they're not evenly spaced or anything, we eyeballed them and used a level, but that was about as fine tuned as we got.

Here's the right hand closet

Quite the contrast compared to this pic

Here they are, just before the real work began. The fellow on the left is the magnanimous Oz that I mention from time to time. Now he's famous, well, at leas this backside.


  1. As someone who has had a game room shelving unit collapse (luckily it was just a bookcase with RPG and CCG stuff) I can really appreciate why you put so many screws in. Very nice looking, I'm jealous.

  2. Ugh, I can't even imagine how awful it would be for a shelf to collapse, even it's just books, let alone minis!