Sunday, May 31, 2009

Last Chance for Voting!

Tau, Chaos Cultists, or Dark Angels? You decide!


  1. I think you should do Imperial Arbytes dude... with squats and Chaos Dwarf prisoners that have been commissioned out as enforcers.

    That would be sweet...

    (I just love tossing away my vote:)

    Nah go with socialisms finest bro...

    THE TAU!!!

    *or is it communism's finest...*

  2. Please don't play those souless, genderless eunuchs the Tau. Go with the Chaos Cultist, it would be way more characterful and fun to hobby and play. The Tau are far too cookie cutter, far more common, and they bend the rules more than is sporting. Do the cultists that would make for great blogging, the Tau would just be another post link at FTW that many would skip. Its better to be a root than a branch, get in on the traitor guard groundfloor, be a leader.

  3. I agree with Anon, go with the Cultists. The guard codex gives lots of options for building something close to a LATD army. Much more flavorful than Tau, and god forbid Dark Angels! (did I mention I play SW?)

  4. @25mm: How about I do an Arbites Necromunda gang sometime in the near future? Will that work? And even if I go Tau, I can add some squats and just call them "human auxiliaries" (just really short humans)!

    @Anon and Hudson: Sheesh guys, how am I supposed to argue with *that* logic. You make it tough!

  5. hi, i hope i don't bother you by asking you something.
    how did you make that picture of the space marine? i'm searching for a tool or something to make such images (and try coloring schemes).

    And, btw, TAU :)

  6. No bother at all, welcome aboard!

    Let me point you to the best 40k app on the web:

    That should hook you up with exactly what you're looking for, enjoy!