Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July Tidings


Way back in April I realized I was on a pretty good pace to blog a post a day. Next thing I know, May was going just as strong, so I did what I could. Going for the three month hat trick, I planned on getting a post in per day for June as well. Needless to say, don't expect July to be the same, haha. I loved doing the weekly forecasts, but I could only do that because I had so many posts queued up. It's funny, I blog here to keep myself on track with my hobbies, but in a way, the blogging itself detracts from the hobby productivity.

So here we are at the six month mark. Looking at my 2009 totals, let's see where we stand. I don't have a barometer for 'games played', but I'm thinking forty four is a good mark. I only count boardgames, miniature gaming, and RPG's in this category mind you. My 'terrain built' category is pretty weak sauce. I am on pace for about two pieces a month, so I guess that's not too shabby! I'll try to crank a few more pieces out though going into 2010. For 'painted miniatures' I couldn't be more happy with a whopping eighty three figs completed! Let's see if I can push that number at least to a hundred, but I've been feeling burned out as of late. I may take it easy in July, then rev back up in the Fall.

Last, and most importantly, is the 'miniatures bought' category, which is every gamers' bane out there I know. I could delete every other category, but this one would stay. How many of us keep buying fig after fig only to store them and get to them much later (years later even)? I'm on pace to painting 129% of the figures I buy, so I've gotta stay on that track, this means that every time I buy a fig, not only do I paint it, but chances are I'm painting a fig out of the deep freeze as well. I've still got a ton in the queue too!


So what's on tap for the next six months? I need to work in earnest on my Traitor Guard army, that should be priority one. I've also got another idea or two for some more terrain to build, but it's gotta be 'found objects' because I'm kinda broke at the moment! I've got ever so few Dark Angels lingering around too, I need to just stick a fork in them because they are done. What else? I dunno really, any suggestions out there?

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