Saturday, July 11, 2009

WHFB Incoming: Chaos and Dark Elves

The Dark Elves

Hot on the heels of making more room for new stuff (and the additional five Blood Bowl teams) the miniatures keep on coming. Here I'll detail two Warhammer armies I also picked up from my buddy Marc. They're not completely painted, but that doesn't matter too terribly much. As cool as it is to add these to the collection, for the time being I've simply inventoried them, and boxed them up together in cold storage.

A rough look-through shows units of Witch Elves, Swordsmen, Corsairs, Crossbowmen, Harpies, and some guys with big axes (Executioners?). There's also a pair of Bolt Throwers with crew, a unit of six Cold Ones, and a whole slew of heroes on critters. These include two Witch Elf looking characters, one on a Cockatrice, the other on a Night Mare. There's also a stout looking general on a Griffin (don't know if that's still legal) and finally, a good ole dragon rounds out the army. All in all, a good sized force.

Chaos Warriors

There's also a starter Chaos Warriors army in the mix. There's not a lot to go on here, but it's a good foot in the door at least. In the back is an army general riding atop a large, two headed dragon. It will require some work, but it's pretty impressive looking, even for an older model. There's also a six strong unit of Chaos Knights, who back in the day seemed to hit pretty hard if memory serves. Last is my favorite of the bunch, it's a very old Bloodthirster of Khorne, this one has a giant dog's face wearing a large, spiked pickelhaube helmet. It's old, sure, but it exudes nothing but character, I'll have to do it justice.

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