Friday, October 9, 2009

Blood Angel Terminator: Complete

Here's my completed Jawaballs Blood Angel Terminator contest entry!

I know I've mentioned this, probably several times, before, but I love contests like this because it really gets to get outside of my comfort zone and crank out a fig I might not ever have attempted before. I delved deep into my bits box and came up with a twenty year old fig, kitbashed another two generations' worth of plastic terminator bits on him, and whipped up one of the better paintjobs to come off my desk in a while. Plus, he's a Blood Angel, something I've never have, or probably never will, paint again.

I took quite a long break near the end of this model, but it came together quick enough that it didn't matter. My conversion work, Dremel and all, was fun and the actual assembly gave me something pretty close to what I had envisioned in the first place. I also found, much to my surprise, that I really liked the painting part. I know, I know, another thing I ramble on about here is how much I "loathe" painting, but not this time. I enjoyed getting in there and layering up shades of red and highlighting and shading, it was fun.

Stage One: The original model
Stage Two: The assembly
Stage Three: The painting
Stage Four: Finishing Touches
Stage Five: Basing and decals

The skull on the knee cap is nothing fancy, although it is a smaller version of what you find on the current decal sheets (it came from an older DA sheet). The other two decals are kind of a rare sight nowadays though, especially the black Blood Angels icon.

I keep coming back to the helmet, haha. I'm happy with how it turned out, from the glowing green lenses to my blending, highlights, and shading. The Librarian "goat skull" came out a lot better than I thought it would considering how little detail it had.

Here's a closeup of his Storm Bolter and shoulder. Since I used a Dark Angels lower arm for the weapon, I had to cover up the sword and wings motif on the side. Instead of carve it off, I put a purity seal over the center, and since Blood Angels also use a wing motif, we'll just say that a blood drop, not a sword, is in the center. I can tell from the closeup on the shoulder I need to go back and touch up the decal just a tad with some more Micro-Sol. I had to put the skull on the top because it looked pretty empty without it.

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