Sunday, October 25, 2009

Insanity on Iocanthus

Online excerpts from our last Dark Heresy game...
We were playing the Illuminated scenario out of the main book, and the group of Seth the Voice's followers had just attacked Stern Hope. The party was in the process of saving an Ashleen woman and a passel of children when ol' Mike here's character Cromwell rolls Perils of the Warp on a psychic test-- BAM! The Surly Bonds of Earth are released and everybody within 99 meters of him (that's the entirety of Stern Hope, and then some) start rising into the air, to stop 18 meters in the air!! That's a fairly deadly drop, so Chris Miller's character Haxtes uses his psychic powers to try and save himself, trigger another Peril of the Warp-- this time, a Mass Possession!! Now everybody is drifting into the air with daemons ravaging them and causing Corruption points!! Finally, at 18 meters, everything drops, and the party picks themselves up and sprint to get away from the center of the Possession. When they return, fully half the population has died from the almost sixty foot drop, and many of the rest are exhibiting strange symptoms or full on mutation.

Half the population died instantly, another 30% or so lay crippled and
dying from their wounds. Also, it wasn't just people, anything the size of a
car or smaller was lifted then dropped so it was pretty brutal indeed...

...and then you had those possessed beyond their physical limits and
sprouting mass mutations. We (they) turned Stern Hope into quite the living
Hell, literally FAR worse than what the bad guys had planned for the place.


  1. Awesome...

    Fortunately there are no survivors alive or sane enough to question the veracity of your report back to Imperial HQ.

    "We arrived moments too late, finding the inhabitants killed or possessed by a massive Warp breach. We were forced to nuke the entire site from orbit. It was the only way to make sure"

  2. I like it...

    "Whoa, whoa, whoa, this is crazy. There's a significant pricetag on this installation!"