Monday, October 26, 2009

The Last of the Dark Angels

I have painted my last suit of Dark Angels Green power armor! Well, at least for the foreseeable future. I had these guys hanging around the painting table for a while now, and they form the last of my fairly large (and now finished) army. I haven't worked up the points, but I ballpark it at at least a couple o' thousand. It is fitting at last that they are joined by their stalwart chapter master and their spiritual leader.

Chapter Master Tracto
Master Tracto squeezed through the massive Deathwing Terminators guarding the ruined bridge of the Vespillo. His heavy armor boots crunched the broken and burned chiten of the tyranid bodies the Deathwing had tracked down and destroyed. "What have you found, Brother Paganus?" he demanded of his Techmarine. "I want off this hulk now."
We all know Azrael is the chapter grand master of the Dark Angels, but that's no fun! The DA codex has an entry for chapter master, so I've whipped up my own. Although the line above was from the opening line of our Trucidos campaign, he never actually set foot on the planet, he delegated that to Captain Othniel of the fourth company.

Fresh from the cleansing of Space Hulk Vespillo, Tracto still sports the trophy head of the first Genestealer he slew on board. His robes bear the symbol of his chapter, and multiple items of personal heraldry adorn his articifer power armor.

The Fist of the Lion has been with Tracto since his days in the assault squads of the sixth company. It was an ancient power glove of STC design found on an artefact world and worked into his power armor. Its field strength is more powerful than average, yet it maintains an incredible state of manipulation and touch sensitivity.

This scroll details Master Tracto's valor and resolve

In battle it is a rarity to see Tracto not being accompanied by his storm bolter thrall. Much like the Watchers in the Dark, these cherubic thralls are a common sight among high ranking members of the Dark Angels Inner Circle, yet their true nature remains a mystery. Tracto's master-crafted storm bolter is always carried close behind.

The storm bolter thrall

Interrogator-Chaplain Medeiros

Seeing to the spiritual needs of the troops, as well as being chief interrogator of the Fallen, Medeiros is seldom seen. He keeps close council with Tracto and others, but rarely accompanies them to battle. Troopers can count on his presence prior to the ensuing conflict however, as he prepares them spiritually. Uncharacteristically, Medeiros wears a black cape and tabbard, preferring to keep his armor the traditional green.

Plasma pistol and a selection of grenades...

Medeiros' cloak is said to date back to the days of the Great Crusade itself

His Crozius Arcanum is equally ancient

The Book of Deeds is a powerful symbol to the troops


  1. These guys look great and you gave a nice write up as well. Is there a Dark Angels family pic coming soon? What's your next project?

  2. Thanks! There is indeed a big family pic in the works. I'm going to also do up my Ultramarines and Tau armies to boot, so it may take a little time.

    Next project? I really should get cracking on my Barbarian army for Song of Blades and Heroes, but I'm also planning another Marine chapter, err, maybe...

  3. Excellent miniatures Mik, do you have any of the entire army?

    Anyway they look great.


  4. BJ, thanks, and yes, I took 'entire army pics' just today. However, there's about a week's worth of posts queued up in front of them, so stay tuned.

    Thanks again...

  5. What? No mammary-tastic praise? ;)