Friday, November 6, 2009

The Pumpkin Sitter

Werner Klocke's #02869 Elise, the Witch

Funny story, as you know my six year old has been painting for some time. Her last fig didn't turn out too bad, but it was a tad on the "scantily clad" side of the equation. She picked this Reaper fig off the racks at the LGS, and at the time, other than "being a witch with a pumpkin" I didn't look too much into it. I should've at the store..

Miniatures are cool, expecially the ones that are sculpted well. You don't notice many details until it's primed or you're into painting it, little surprises pop out and make the painting even better. Well, I didn't quite realize how "sexy" this fig was until I got her primed and ready for my daughter to paint. Then Chri3 from our group was looking at the fig and made a very obvious statement that escaped both Andy and myself...where's the pumpkin stem? Oh my. It was at this point that Elise here was taken out of my daughter's queue, ahem. She was already primered, and it was close to Halloween, so I shouldered the responsibility myself and painted her up. Not my best job ever, but Elise the Witch is complete.

My older brother-in-law has admitted to being quite the perve, so at this year's annual Halloween party I gave him Elise as a gift. Out of everyone, I felt he would appreciate her, ahem, assets, more than anyone else.

"Klockenbooty" indeed...


  1. Oh my, that is too funny. At least the "details" were noticed before you daughter started asking any questions.

  2. I noticed the pumpkin stem issue the second you handed it to me to look at. What does that say about me?

  3. You know, my mind never went there but you're right. I always figured it was just artistic license. I suppose it may very well be one of those things the sculptor never intended, but who knows.

  4. @BJ: Ha, "oh my" indeed!

    @Oz: I think you know what that means!

    @Eli: I don't know, something like that is pretty obvious once you realize what's missing!