Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Good Karma

I posted the "barter bucket" only once here at Mik's Minis and the results were great. The above package arrived just last week from John at Santa Cruz Warhammer (a great blog you need to check out if you haven't already). I needed some helmets, specific helmets for my Death Spectres project, and he had them to spare and sent them to me "just because". I don't know him, other than we share a hobby and form part of the same community, and it was a pretty good feeling to get some parts I needed out of nowhere. The same week I got these cool helmets (thanks again John!) I also sent some marine torsos and Blood Bowl decal sheets to Tristan over at GW Pertinent (another great blog to check out), just 'cause I had them laying around doing nothing for me, but now they've got a good home.

Then Ron, over at From the Warp contacted me and wanted to bring that communal, bit-sharing bucket over to his site with much higher readership than here. I couldn't be happier to help. I play 40k, I have longer than most, but let's face it, my recipe giving, movie reviewing, gardening blog here isn't exactly "dedicated" to 40k, haha. This lets me do my part in helping the die hard 40k fans out there. So I won't have the barter bucket here at Mik's Minis anymore, but it will now be a Saturday feature From the Warp.


  1. I fully subscribe to this community sharing 'bitz-box'. I recently sent some decaals that I had zero use for off to ENgland to someone who I know will actually use them - in return, an offer that if ever I need anything I can have a virtual rummage through their bitz box - thats what community is all about.

    I will definately be checking this out when it goes live to see where I can send more of the stuff I don't need off to.

  2. It goes live this Saturday! Hopefully this will help reinforce that 'global community' vibe and help with those hard to get parts to boot...