Friday, November 6, 2009

Rogue Trader Characters

Some the Void Dragon's Crew

Commander Kennoch

This is my Arch-Militant character, Kennoch. Raised on a Hive world, grown up in the gangs, and eventually left the world to escape persecution from a criminal organization, Kennoch ended up fighting the good fight. On a forgotten, backwater world, Kennoch rose to leadership of a human resistance fighting the accursed Eldar.

The figure itself is quite the rarity, and I've had it for a long time. Before Necromunda was called Necromunda, there was a gang warfare game by GW called Confrontation. This fig was "Leader 3" and they were put out in limited quantities for playtest purposes. I also have leaders #1 and #2, plus some of the original gangers. It's taken me somewhere in the order of eighteen years to get around to painting it, better late than never!

For a game like Rogue Trader, this fig is near perfect and exudes character and all the grittiness that is the 40kverse. I like him because he's awfully gregarious, and you can tel he's a grizzled veteran and can swing that power axe with ease. He still sports some gang signs (Necromunda Spiders anyone?) and has just tons of little details and extras, like the critter on his shoulder. I'm pretty surprised at the detail for a sculpt from 1990.

I was shooting for a mix of royal, flamboyant, and gaudy

Void Master

For my Arch Militant I had the fig picked out and the character rolled up, he is good to go. This fig was first painted up without anyone to call him 'home', but that got fixed during our second character creation session. Chrispy is going to use him as a Void Master character. He rolled up the rare 'best power armor' and took the light version, which is fitting for the figure. He's also noble born and the High Elf head helps accentuate that.

The Prince Adam lookalike is an older Warzone fig, an Redemption Assassin. I hacked off his head, not too skillfully, and swapped it for a WHFB plastic High Elf head. I also cut off the funky suppressor from the pistol. There were some real gems among the Warzone range, if you're looking for sci-fi figs, check out Prince August games.

Yes, I was thinking of General Kenobi from the Clone Wars when I painted him! I went with white, ceramite type armor and a fairly monochromatic palette for the clothing. I broke this up with the green in the pouches and straps (also used some green decals) and a non-metal metallic (NMM) pistol with a tiny red dot laser sight.

Since he's a crewman on board the Void Dragon, I used a couple of green Alpha Legion decals on his pauldrons, each one is a stylized dragon motif. I also used a green Athelorn Avengers Blood Bowl decal for the center of his chest armor.

I got on a roll and just started painting cool figs I thought would look good as crew members. I don't even know what class this guy could pass for, but I know he looks too cool to leave sitting unpainted in my bits box! I painted him up quickly, and looking at the photos, it kind of shows, I'll be going back and doing some touch-ups soon methinks.

I spent a lot of time differentiating from his dark skin tone and the leather satchels, bags, and pouches. The two were starting to look the same after a while. I also put more time than I should have into his all too-subtle camouflage pants.

Originally he was a Necromunda Cawdor (or is it kay-dor?) heavy stubber. I picked it up off of eBay last year when I was contemplating a Chaos Cultists army, when that idea was shelved, so was he. I'm glad I was able to find a use for him after all, what that use is right now, I don't know. Were it a Dark Heresy game, he'd be a lock for an ex-Guardsman, but I don't know for Rogue Trader, nonetheless, he was a lot of fun to paint up.

the end...

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