Monday, May 10, 2010

Bring on the 15mm...Sci-Fi

House Kendrick Royal Guard

After picking up FWC, I dug up my box of various and sundry 15mm sci-fi troops. I've had a lot of these guys hanging around for sometime, others are fairly new additions. The cool thing about a box full of 15's is that it takes up no space at all. I'm planning on basing these guys in stands with multiple figures per base. These small fire-teams will consist of two to four figs per washer, three washers per platoon led by a single HQ stand of a fig or two.

The above force consists of GZG troops (Japanese, some power armor, and some light armored foot). Four small recon drones from Critical Mass accompany them as well as a massive Strider mech from Heavy Gear. The two large tanks are going to be heavy hover tanks and they were originally 1/72 tank models that I modified to turn futuristic.

Colonial Marines

These are old (and still excellent) RAFM figs. They will work excellently as colonial troopers. I've got them organized into a platoon of three fire-teams, plus a leader accompanied by a comm-droid. Another 1/72 military model serves as their APC.

Alien "Skullhunters"

So if you're going to have colonial marines, you have to have aliens. Well, I don't have any aliens (yet), but I do have some old QRF Predators. These guys are going to be just two figs per stand, because they're freakin' Predators! The leader is going to be singly based.

The Sahadeen

My recent purchase (December?) were these Sahadeen troops from the excellent Rebel Minis. It's a good-sized army, but still needs some support in the form of walkers methinks. Walkers look cool, period. I'd like to get at least two to form up their ranks. I've got these all formed up in three man stands with a few HQs, and an overall CO with a funky alien sidekick. I dig the War Maidens here too, they've got cloaks, masks, machine pistols, and swords.

Alien Mercenary Characters

Rounding out the 15mm sci-fi inventory are these great looking figs from Critical Mass. Remember, I won these a while back through Dropship Horizon, and I can't wait to get them on the tabletop. They won't be an army per se, but used in skirmish battles and the like. I could also see them in some small scale games such as 5150.

I still have my large Star Grunt II army as well. Most of those guys are painted to boot, but the big problem is that I based them all singly. It's not really a problem, but there are some mechanical differences between moving an army by stands or individually.


  1. Thanks Joe! Wait 'til tomorrow, the WWII you've been asking for is rolling in...